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Lobbying can be at times both an extremely challenging and rewarding experience.  To assist you in your lobbying efforts we have put together materials that you can use for a variety of lobbying activities, from meeting with Congressional staff to national call-in campaigns.

General Lobbying Materials

During the year our main advocacy focus will be on Youth PROMISE Act and Restorative Justice policy initiatives.


Setting Up a Meeting with Congress

You can meet with a Representative or an office aide either in Washington DC or in a local office. These tips should be helpful.

Lobbying Guide

This section offers an overview of the most effective ways to work with your members of congress. All the following activities are designed to impact the decisions made by the US Congress. And all of them count: private meetings, letters and calls to our Congresspeople go far toward determining the positions they take.

Contact Congress

Use the below forms to contact congress about the Youth PROMISE Act.  Feel free to use these links in e-mails when asking your chapter or network to take action on the bill.

Calling your Senator or Representative is a really effective way to get the Youth PROMISE Act on their radar.  To find instructions and scripts for how to call, go here.

E-mail Congress Although calling Congress is the best method of contact, you can also e-mail your congress member if this is easier for you.