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Student Peace Alliance National Coordinator

Sally Kaplan graduated from the George Washington University in 2013 with a BA in Political Science and a minor in LGBTQ Studies. Her academic career heavily focused on socio-political issues facing women and minorities, including the global struggle for women and LGBTQ people to acquire and maintain social and political autonomy and independence. Her experience as a student leader on campus led her to a career in grassroots organizing with youth and harnessing the incredible power of students and academic institutions. She has completed three internships in DC beginning at the LGBTQ non-profit OUT for Work, continuing at the Program on International Policy Attitudes, and most recently at the Center for American Progress. Sally comes to The Peace Alliance with the hopes of reforming and impacting our justice system as well as expanding the ways in which we may effectively use and promote alternative solutions to peace. She grew up in Gainesville, Florida and credits her hometown, her friends, her partner, teachers and her family for supporting her in her pursuit of justice and equality.


National Field Director

Dan Kahn

Dan’s first political organizing was in high school – volunteering with both Future Generations for Nuclear Disarmament and Amnesty International.With a law degree focusing on Native American Law, he has advocated for native peoples’ religious freedoms, cultural resource protections, and rights of self-governance from Oregon to the Amazon Basin to Southeast Asia.  For the past six years (before joining TPA’s staff in January) he has worked as a counselor, advocate, and community organizer on behalf of homeless residents of Alachua County, FL – while also serving as a volunteer State Coordinator for TPA, and on the Boards of several community organizations including a charter school for performing arts and an organic blueberry farm. Dan has acted in numerous plays and co-written and directed a few, including “Galileo of Gainesville,” which features five original songs.He has been trained and led trainings in Compassionate (aka Non-Violent) Communication, and also been trained to facilitate Restorative Circles.He is now an uncle of 16 and a great-uncle of four, and he wants for those children a world beyond war.