About SPA

Student Peace Alliance mobilizes young Americans to champion violence prevention in our communities and peacebuilding abroad.

Student Peace Alliance members engage their communities and policy makers in building sustainable peace. Our chapters on high school and college campuses educate our generation about peacebuilding and work together to advocate for policy reform. SPA advocates for violence prevention legislation such as the Youth PROMISE Act, which will give our communities the support and programs they need to effectively address youth violence.

Every day we see countless reminders of our cultures’ violent nature. From the radio, to the television, to the newspaper we see and hear reports of mass violence. This is especially pertinent for the youth who make up a large part of the casualties from violence. Gang violence and school violence take a heavy toll on the student population and at times it is the students who perpetuate such violence. It is therefore important to mobilize students to change this ingrained culture of violence and spread the message that there is another way. Student Peace Alliance members are empowered to work in their communities on such issues of youth violence as well as other violence issues that permeate those communities. Together we can make a difference!

Specific issues of youth violence are not the only forms of violence that affect the lives of students. All violence issues affect youth and must be addressed by those youth before progress can be made. Therefore the Student Peace Alliance works to create a culture of peace on the individual and local level. Students are encouraged to work in their local communities on issues of violence as well as educate their campus about a culture of peace.

The continued support and advocacy of students across the country are bringing the intiatives of the Youth PROMISE Act closer to reality with each day that passes. Help us continue this positive trend!

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