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Write valentines to your Senators. In your note, highlight the costs of violence and the measures the Youth PROMISE Act would take to prevent violence while saving money.


Send Congress a Valentine!
A Joint Action of The Peace Alliance and Student Peace Alliance

Templates and Decoration Ideas Available Here


This SPA National Action has already taken place. This article is available for you or your chapter for advocacy based action and inspiration. Please feel free to use this for future congressional lobbying or modify to fit your needs.

February 1st - February 14th


  • To encourage our Senators to support the Youth PROMISE Act (S 435)
  • Promote peacebuilding on campuses and in communities by participating in the Valentine Peace Project, a not-for-profit that seeks to encourage a creative dialogue on peace through poetry and reflection.


  1. Write a valentine to your Senators
    • Host a tabling event or Student Peace Alliance Valentine’s Party where students can send their Senators a Valentine.
  2. Incorporate the Valentine Peace Project into the Valentine’s Day Action
    • The Valentine Peace Project seeks to promote peaceful expression through dialogue, art, poems and sharing. Through the gift of a fair trade or local flowers to the ones you love, you can engage in a powerful expression of peace and love
    • Sell fair trade or local flowers as a fundraiser to send students in your chapter to the 2010 National Student Peace Alliance Conference from February 26-28th at Southwestern University, Texas.


  1. Look up your Senators. Find out if either of them is currently a cosponsor of S 435. Target both Senators for the action, including writing Thank You valentines if one of the Senators is a cosponsor.
  1. Make valentines for Representatives:

    1. Is the Senator a co-sponsor? (Find out if your Senator is a co-sponsor here)

      1. Yes!
        1. Write a sincere thank you valentine for their support of S 435 and commitment to preventing violence and helping our youth.
        2. Ask them to champion the Youth PROMISE Act legislation
        3. Decorate your valentine!

      2. Not Yet!
        1. Write a valentine asking them to support the Youth PROMISE Act
        2. Include statistics on the costs of violence and information about successful prevention programs, especially any that you know of locally.
        3. Link the need to save lives and money with the need for the passage of the Youth PROMISE Act.
        4. Decorate your valentine!

Templates for these valentines are available here. You’ll also find pre-made messages to put on your own valentine in addition to national statistics on violence.

  1. Collect valentines

    1. The goal of this action is to deliver a STACK of valentines to the local office. Every individual valentine counts, but we want YOU to be a catalyst on your campus or in your community and spread the word that Peace Saves Lives AND Money. Here are some ideas for getting lots of valentines:
      1. Table in an open area or an event with information on the Youth PROMISE Act and have pre-made valentines ready for people to fill out.
      2. Host a Student Peace Alliance Valentine’s Day Party
      3. At colleges, go door to door in the dormitories with pre-made valentines and ask people to fill them out.
  1. Sell and distribute local or fair trade flowers in support of the Valentine Peace Project


    • In addition to getting people to sign and send valentines to their representatives, we want to encourage our chapters to support the Valentine Peace Project by selling Fair Trade or local flowers and including with them poems of peace and nonviolence.

  1. Deliver valentines

    To find the local office addresses of your Senators, visit, enter your address, and the database will retrieve this information.
    1. It’s best if you can drop off the valentines (either in a bag or in stacks) at the local offices of your Senators.
    2. Valentine's Day falls on a Sunday this year, so we recommend that if you plan to drop off Valentines you visit the office on Monday 2/15.
    3. If the local office is too far away, or you are unable to drop them off, mail the valentines to the local office (mail sent to DC offices still has to go through special screening, which delays and sometimes damages mail)
  1. Other ideas and options

    1. Include a  Press for Peace Youth PROMISE Act packet to update the offices about the progress of the Youth PROMISE Act. Add in copies of any local press you’ve generated.
    2. Include statistics and information about violence in your community and effective prevention programs.
    3. Include any of the other optional materials found here.
    4. Like everyone, Congressional staffers love getting food! Include a treat with your delivery--heart-shaped cookies, chocolate (heart-shaped as well) or any other valentine goodie.
Send us stories and pictures of your experience so we can share it in our next Newsletter and on the website. Email stories to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .